Ways to get Shining Really Clean Windows

I have been researching cleaning windows professionally for quite a while and trust me, window cleaning is not rocket science – it is just a matter of acquiring the best tools, the right information, and learning the right techniques. Surprised that I know so much window cleaning techniques?? Well I learn them from the number 1 window cleaning portland company, cleanservicesnorthwest.com.

When you can clean your whole house, you can learn to clean windows. Become familiar with the formula that is exact simple tips to produce spotless and streak free windows.

The Cleaning Tools

Believe it or not, the very first and a lot of important items you will be needing are the right tools – squeegee, scrubbing wand, scraper, and lint free towels.

The tools that are right will make or break a job. All too often I see people using squeegees that are beat-up grandma’s homemade window cleaning solution, newspapers, paper towels, Windex, vinegar, and so forth.

Window cleaning ought not to be drudgery! In fact, with all the right tools, it may be a relaxing and enjoyable activity!

The Technique

Remember, anything worthwhile takes patience and practice to learn. There are many approaches to cleaning the window.  This particular technique does take time to understand, but once you find the vital information and a little practice, you should have the cleanest windows in your neighborhood.

Proper cleaning tools are one of the keys that are main successful window cleaning. In this section you’ll find a list that is quick of you need to produce streak free windows.

The squeegee is the main tool used to take away the water/cleaning solution through the glass after it was scrubbed. A squeegee comprises of three parts: handle, metal channel, and rubber blade.

Tip: Don’t buy a squeegee that is cheap a department or hardware store. They might be perfect for the shower, but will likely not deliver the performance that is proper for cleaning the windows on your own house.

Scrubbing Wand
The wand that is scrubbing sometimes called the T-handle, is just one of the window cleaning tools that does the actual scrubbing of this window. The wand is formed by means of a T and is manufactured from lightweight plastic that is durable. A reusable wand that is lint-free sleeve slips over the top and is held set up with snaps or Velcro tabs. The wand will be dipped into a bucket filled with the cleaning solution.

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